Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Was I just on TV?

Why yes, it appears I was.  Of course I was being made fun of...but some people gotta take what they can get when it comes to their moment of fame.  Due to some people letting me know via Facebook, I discovered I was on the Jay Leno headlines last night.  Apparently my maiden-married name is funny.  Of course I knew maiden name has let me know that my whole life.

I just want to know who held on to that announcement for over 2.5 years and decided to submit it to Jay Leno now?

At least it was a good picture. :)


Abby said...

That is so funny! I never put that together myself :P You can add this to your tally of famous pictures of you from newspapers... I can think of at least one more, yay for stalker valentines!

Laura Moore said...

Haha! Oh the memories... Maybe one day I'll get famous for doing something actually significant.