Monday, February 6, 2012

one month

My baby is one month old!  This month has been busy. A blur actually.  We had my mom (Marmie) visit for a week and we just said goodbye to the whole Moore gang (Nana, Papa and Aunt Amanda) a couple days ago.  We are blessed to have family that loves us and goes out of their way to visit and meet such a special little person.  I cannot wait to introduce her to the rest of her aunts and great grandparents in a couple months!

Now my goal is to find a "routine" - as possible as that might be with a newborn.  With the bitter cold outside and the desire to not go stir crazy, it's important for me to find reasons to leave the house.  I went to visit a neighbor a few days ago and it was a ridiculous process to get Maddie bundled up to just go a few feet.  Oh the ordeals associated with living in Alaska.

I've recently been introduced to an indoor track in town.  They give a discount of $5 for moms with kids to promote healthy lifestyle.  It's strange to pay $5 to walk in circles, but it sure feels good to get out and active.  Matt and I also have arranged where he'll keep Maddie a couple times a week during his lunch so I can work out at the gym in his office (old jeans, here I come).  I'm also starting a BSF Bible study one morning a week, hopefully a good way to meet some other stay-at-home mom's.   And you know, that whole trying to get enough sleep thing also comes in to play.

Well here are Maddie's one month photos.  Maybe it's just me, but she seems so much bigger already (even though it took her 3 weeks to make it back to "birth weight").  She's such a happy, healthy little girl.  We are so very blessed. 
Maddie is getting so much better at feeding.  She hates a dirty diaper.  Loves being held...and still not a fan of not being held.  She is so attentive and loves to just stare into my eyes.  In the last week or so has starting responding with smiles - the. best.
She is a squirmy one.  Loves to kick her legs and throw her arms around.  She found her hands day one and hasn't stopped sucking on them.  Her Ergo carrier is awesome - creates instant nap time and frees up both of my hands.
Can I get enough of her yet?  Nope.
And just for comparison's sake... 

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Amy Leigh said...

1 month?? Ugh... I want to buy my ticket right now! Hurry up Easter!