Monday, February 13, 2012

Real winter adventures

Wonder what life is like during an Alaskan winter with a newborn?  Just the last 10 days involved....

Driving in a blizzard/white out conditions to meet a friend at the indoor track to walk with Maddie, realizing there is no way I'll be able to push the stroller through the foot of snow that just came down nor be able to carry it all inside.  So I jump in the back seat, realize she needs a diaper change, do that in my lap then bundle her up in the Ergo carrier, jump through the snow piles, feet soaking wet to walk in circles inside because that's the best/only option to stretch the legs.  Before we leave she decides she needs to eat, so I spend the next 30 minutes sitting on the 6in ledge of the lockers in the nasty bathroom trying to feed before running back out to the car in even more snow, scraping the ice/snow off the windshield in order to drive back out in the blizzard to go home before Maddie wakes up.  Things I do for exercise.

Taking Mocha for a walk (to give Matt a break) with snow coming up over my knee-high boots just to encounter a moose in which I freak out and take off in the other direction leaving Mocha behind to fend for herself.  At least I got my heart rate up.

Watching my husband knock off 8ft icicles from our roof by hanging outside our upstairs window.

Excitedly trying to go to the gym on a Saturday morning while Matt is on baby duty just to get my car stuck in the snow on 3 different occasions because it can't clear the large snow piles on the road and parking spots.  Thus turning around to come home. Workout less.

Bottoming out as I pull out of the garage because my car can't clear the gigantic ice mound outside the garage door.

Getting stuck on the single highway into town for over an hour because of avalanche blasts - thus requiring another diaper change and feeding on the side of the road.

It warming up to a balmy 40 degrees outside one day and watching people walk around in shorts and t-shirts...I guess it was an entire 50 degrees warmer than it had been most of January.

...oh how I look forward to May when the snow is finally gone...

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