Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Current Loves

My mind is all baby lately.  Which doesn't seem unreasonable, since it's hard to look past my protruding belly as I look down. I cannot wait to meet our little Madelyn! It makes me so excited I wish it was her due date, and not necessarily because I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore (though sleeping on my back or stomach again would be nice), but because I want to hold her in my arms.

But until then I have been keeping myself busy creating a little haven of a nursery for our coming daughter.  I have a ways to go, but I'm in the process of gathering little things that I love...

Like the crib bedding my mom bought her.  I love the soft colors and flowers and birds.  I'm not really a "girly girl" who enjoys pink and ruffles.  So this seems like a perfect balance to me.
I also love the prints I bought on Etsy.  I look forward to purchasing some over sized, white frames to hang them on the wall when we are back south in a few weeks.  Did I mention we will be checking quite a big of luggage on the way back?
Matt has been doing a lot of painting for me lately.  He's certainly more of a perfectionist than I am, which is great since that means that we will have very quality things!  Such as this rocking chair.  It was given to me my first year of teaching by a parent for my classroom.  It used to be a dark wood color, which was very beautiful, but did not mesh with the idea I had in my head for the nursery.  So I had Matt paint it white.  My mom offered to make us some cushions and pillows that will add the decor (and create a more comfy spot).  We will be picking that fabric out too when back in Texas.  I hope it to add a splash of color throughout the room.
I found this mirror (that used to be black and hanging by our front door) at JoAnn's on clearance.  I was so excited, because as I've mentioned it's hard to find anything up here in Alaska, much less cute and affordable.  And of course when I found it was a girl, I knew this thing that to be painted to go in the nursery.  Now I just gotta figure out where it's going to hang...
Then I got my first cloth diapers.  My old college roommate, Abby, informed me of this great online deal, so I decided to go ahead and make the first plunge.  Since I'm kinda new at this and the reviews online are very overwhelming, my current goal is to buy a few different kinds to try before buying in masses. That strategy might change, who knows.  But here is my first sample...GroVia.  The only downer - they are pink. (If we have a little boy one day, I don't know if Matt will let him wear them...)
And of course these little socks make my current love list.  My friend, Anne, bought these for Maddie.  I LOVE the socks that look like shoes.  Especially these.  I can't wait to put them on her. :)
I'm sure my list will expand and eventually come together.  Right not there seems to just be ideas and not so much execution.  Thankfully I still have a few months to bring it to fruition.

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