Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Denali National Park Bus Tour

Recently we also visited the Denali National Park.  Since they do not let cars drive down the one road within the park (to preserve wildlife), they offer bus "tours" of various lengths.  We opted for the middle option...of 8 hours.  You can get on and off to hike and just pick up the next bus that comes along and they stop at any wildlife sightings so everyone can balk from the bus windows.  I would certainly say it was an experience, but probably not one that I'd want to do again.  That is a LONG time to sit on an old school bus (especially at 5 mos preggo). And there were some very narrow turns on a very steep cliff - not my favorite.

But since we went at the beginning of fall, we had beautiful views of changing colors.
A picture of the bus (doesn't that make you want to just jump on and join us?).
A picture of us on the bus.
We were graced with the beauty of Denali/Mt. McKinley as we got closer.  It sadly got covered up very quickly with clouds.
We also saw quite a bit of wildlife.  They animals surprisingly come very close to the buses.  It was definitely nice to have that safety of being inside the bus.
A Lynx (apparently a very unique sighting).
 Some Dall sheep.
A grizzly bear (or three).
And then of course goofing around with some moose horns.  Those things are heavy!
Just checking off another Alaska to-do.

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