Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nesting Instincts

My urge to be crafty actually came to play this weekend. I went to the craft store picked up this wooden "M".  At first I was going to paint it (technically have Matt paint it), but then I saw these cute yarn letters online.  So I decided to go for it.  I had to use lots of hot glue (the slants on the letter were surprisingly challenging) and kill time with the TV as background noise.  I'm excited how it turned out - as it was questionable in the midst of the process.  The best part is if one day we want to move it out of the nursery, the "M" will be appropriate anywhere in the house.
I also decided I wanted to make the crib mobile.  I found this beauty online, but I'm afraid my attempt this weekend may have been a flop.  Certainly did not turn out like I had hoped - or maybe I'm being too critical.  Either way I think I'm going to have to start over on that one. I guess since there is now snow on the mountains , it will be a good winter, house-bound project.

Here are a couple pictures to document Madelyn's (and my) growing progress.  Apparently she's over 1.5 pounds now - though she surely feels like more!  I'm also feeling her kicks so much I'm beginning to be able to distinguish her active times.  I'm already entering week 26, which according to some books means I'm in the third trimester.  Wahoo!

I finally went on antibiotics for my cold/virus (after 5 weeks, mind you) and though I feel better, it's still lingering...whatever I caught took a toll on my body.  We also have started our 12-week natural birthing class.  It has been so informational!  The premise of 12 weeks is that it takes about 3 months for a person to create new habits - and in this case a healthy diet, appropriate exercises, relaxation techniques, etc.  It's also been great to get Matt informed and on the same page...while I could spend hours reading about pregnancy and birth, he probably doesn't.  We will also learn about breast feeding and how to care for a newborn.  My ultimate goal is go natural - and I think the biggest obstacle of that method for me is overcoming the fear of the unknown and the understanding that God created our bodies to give birth - so He has given us the power to do it.  I in no way condemn anyone who uses or has to use alternative measures - even I am not discounting getting a little pain relief if it gets to be too much - but I think it's important to have a goal in mind.  So that is what we are striving for.

Anyways, I think Mocha (our other child, my firstborn) is realizing that things are changing.  She's been quite mopey. Her "room" (where she spends her days) has turned into the nursery, which probably doesn't help.  I've read dogs have a sense of pregnancy, which is probably making her jealous...and our baby isn't even here yet!  Who knows...but she's this is how she looks at me every day when I come home.  Makes you feel sorry for her, huh?

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