Friday, September 2, 2011

Helicopter Ride

I would admit we have gotten to do some pretty crazy things while living here in Alaska.  And many of them are just by chance based on who we have met (and God's grace for putting those people in our lives).

For example, a couple weeks ago it was a sunny, warm evening and several of our neighbors had a little social circle going on outside - you know the kind with the lawn chairs, drinks and lots of chatting/laughter?  So Matt and I went and joined them for a little bit.  We were discussing how Matt's parents were coming up soon and one of our neighbors offered that he take us out on his helicopter one day.  What?!  Yes, he owns a helicopter (and a plane).  Sign us up!  I've never been in a helicopter before and was excited about the opportunity.
It was amazing!  Sadly, it could only hold 3 additional people, so Matt and his gracious attitude offered to stay behind and let me go.  I'm hoping that one day in the near future he'll take us out again and Matt can experience one of the best ways to see the Alaska land. 

Downtown Anchorage
For over an hour, he flew us over the city, skirted the mountains and headed over to a glacier that you can only get to by foot (and apparently a helicopter).  It was beautiful!  He was able to fly really low and close to the 100-200 foot high glacier wall so we could really take it all in.  He even found a little patch that he was able to land on so we could get out and walk around.  Maybe one of the coolest, most unique experience we've had up here.

Landed on the glacier for a picture!
We are definitely blessed to have great neighbors around us.  I think I'm going to have to bake him some cupcakes or something this weekend. 

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