Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nursery in Progess

With Matt's dad in town we thought it'd be an ample opportunity to move some of our gigantic furniture around.  Plus our crib (that they so graciously purchased for us) came in just a few days prior, so it worked out perfectly.  And I have been a bit anxious to get it all started. 

Originally the plan was to make the current guest room (that I had just redecorated, pictured below) the nursery and just move the bed into the office.  I had even picked the "orange" because it was very gender neutral and made curtains that could flow with many a decor and picked bedding that would match the current office walls.  So much forethought...however, there were a change of plans.

When we found out it was a girl, I had already fallen in love with a particular nursery bedding.  And it didn't match the orange wall.  Sad day.

BUT it did match the office grey walls wonderfully.  Plus the orange room is a bit larger and would accommodate a queen size bed, two huge bookcases and a computer desk much better anyways. 

So the decision was made to reverse the swap....
 the office before the switcheroo
The bookcases and computer desk were moved to the orange room - and the piano to the grey room.  There is no way I could have aided in the process, so I am thankful Matt's dad was there to help.

Next came putting the crib together.  Now let me tell you about this crib fiasco.  I live in Alaska. NOBODY ships to Alaska.  Have you ever noticed that there is an asterisk on most websites that say "except to Alaska and Hawaii".  I never thought that'd apply to me...but there are on 99.9% of websites, of which I quickly, depressingly learned.

Unfortunately, I had fallen in love with a certain crib (see a theme? at least I stick to what I know I like:)).  It wasn't some obscure crib either.  Even Walmart sells it.  I found about 15 retailers that sell this beautiful piece, but alas, after many, many, many phone calls not one would ship it to me in Anchorage.  UPS wanted to charge $600+ dollars.  Hah.  I couldn't put it on an airplane because of  security that required I had to have a background check, etc - and then it would still cost several hundred dollars.  It was a frustrating experience to say the least. I figure we will be using the crib for Madelyn along with any other future children we I wanted to really like it and not just purchase one of the 5 available in Alaska already.

Until we thought outside the box a bit.  I could put it on a ship. Literally, a barge. After all that's how all our belongings arrived when we moved here.  I called about 6 different places and settled on the lowest price (which was still ridiculously high, considering most places ship for free in the lower 48 these days).  So I ordered our crib and changer, shipped it for free to their Washington office location and then got charged an arm and a leg to get it put on a barge for 6 days to arrive in Anchorage for us to pick up.  As my sister put it "it's very prehistoric".  Eh, do what you gotta do.

So the process of putting it together began.
The changer is actually going in the guest bathroom down the hall since my goal is to do cloth diapers.  I hear it's easier with a toilet/running water nearby.  I'll let you know how that goes.
 And then completion.  Oh so proud parents we are. Now we just need a baby (and well a mattress).
And then remember this purchase? 
 Well, Matt has been working pretty hard and I have to say it looks wonderful with the crib. 
My mom even bought the bedding and it just arrived too!   Thankfully we have a long weekend ahead so I can go crazy get some decorating and such done.  I really want to put a painted white tree coming up over the crib.  But we shall see what happens. 

And though you can see my big ole belly growing the pictures above, here I am at 21 weeks.  I am already in week 23 and still getting bigger! 

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