Tuesday, December 13, 2011

36 and 37 weeks

I feel officially huge.  Maybe because I am officially huge.  I get the "you are about to pop!" comment or "there is no way you'll make it to 40 weeks" quite frequently (which I hope they are right!).   It's strange to think that we could be meeting our little one any time between now and 5 weeks from now (though the thought of waiting 5 more weeks kinda makes me want to cry).  Though I will admit, overall time has gone by very fast.  It probably helps that the holidays are in full force upon us and it keeps our weekends and evenings busy.  It's also helping me pack on those last few pounds by eating my way through delicious party food...oops, I guess add it to the rest.

At this point:
  • I have less than 2 weeks of work left.  Working part-time thing has been a huge blessing. It still allows me the flexibility to rest when needed, but certainly gets me up and out during the day.  I think it's helped the time go by faster but not totally consuming all energy I have.
  • My maternity shirts are starting to get too short.  I wasn't aware that happened.
  • Have certainly felt Maddie drop.  She sits a lot lower - and although it often feels like she's trying to fight her way out, I can breath again! 
  • I'm at the stage that some would label as "uncomfortable".  That might be an understatement, but if our little girl grows anymore I'm not sure my mid-section can take it.
  • Decided that God uses the end of pregnancy to train you to wake up at least 4-5 times a night with a bathroom break for all those feedings that are coming. 
  • I am decreasing on energy - I think it's the pregnancy and the Alaskan winter combined.
  • And with all that extra room for my stomach now, I can hardly get enough food in me.  How am I this hungry?
I would also like to brag on my sweet husband just for a second.  a) He endured a 12 week birthing class with me and b) he is completely supportive of the natural birth that I long to have.  So he gave me an early Christmas gift (just in case Maddie comes early, I guess).  He made a book to inspire/encourage me when things get tough during the birth.  It's filled with pictures of family, adventures we've had together and times when I thought I might fall apart - such as below.  The kayaking experience where at the time I considered just flipping into the icy Alaskan seas and swimming to shore...or my extreme fear of heights I've conquered at various times.  He added commentary to each picture for a sense of humor - and I love it!  I'm pretty sure he's the best. :)

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