Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Events

As I've mentioned before, there is thankfully plenty to keep me preoccupied as I anxiously wait out the days for Madelyn's arrival. Though some moments do seem to go by very slowly still....

First, we have all our presents under our tree!  We got the last couple packages from family this weekend.  This is the first year we've actually had presents under the tree since we won't be making the family get togethers.  It's also the first year Matt and I decided to buy each other gifts - since we'll be solo this season and everything.  However, it might become a new tradition because it was a lot of fun to shop for him!  (Yes, that's a jogging stroller behind the tree.  I cannot wait until I get use it soon!  I get jealous of watching people run on the treadmills at the gym.   I miss being in shape.)
We also went on a hike with the dog.  Now that I'm full-term and ready for our precious little one to make her appearance, I'm all about doing what I can.  Plus, I needed out of the house.  So we endured the over foot deep snow on the trail and went out.  Though Matt looks cold, it was actually pretty the 20s!  It was a pretty mellow hike until I fell into a snow bank and literally was stuck until Matt lifted me out (that belly just gets in the way sometimes!) and then almost getting run over by a sled and dog mushing team (only in Alaska is that not considered abnormal).  Alas, no baby...and until then it will not be the last hike.
 We also saw a movie and had my work Christmas party (no pics, shame on me). 

And then I spent hours baking goodies for co-workers, neighbors, mailman, etc.  We do it every year.  A fun way to show Christmas cheer to those we spend every day with or live around.  Matt helped me package them up...and eat a few:), another perk of baking.
Now I just have 4 more days of work left before my maternity leave will officially begin. And only 6 more days until Christmas!  And, if curious, 17 more days until my official due date.  But who is really counting?

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