Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Madelyn's Nursery

The nursery is finished.  My mom surprised me with the curtains just the other day, of which I immediately went and put up.  We have booted Mocha from her room, of which she wasn't too happy about.  I often find her sprawled out on the white rug in the middle of the room in defiance.  We are still working on where her new "place" will be. 

I apologize also for the pictures.  It's dark all the time now.  And my iPhone on which I took these isn't the most high tech camera, but you get the overall idea. 

This is walking in the door to the nursery.  I love how all the projects came together. Sometimes I get a little concerned with how the ideas in my head will actually turn out in real life. 

The wood rocker painted white.  The armoire completely redone.  The new crib shipped on a barge so I could get it in Alaska.  The painted branch I was able to do for $1.  The mobile of fabric balls I made.  The curtains my mom made.  The black mirror painted white.  The old school bookshelf painted mustard to display all of Maddie's books.    The two smaller rugs from Ikea put together to make one (because that's all I could fit in my suitcase).
There is also the garage sale toy chest painted and furnished with new hinges & handles.  And two shelves that also came home with me in my suitcase from Texas. 
The piano still has a presence in the room, along with the recliner that matches the bachelor pad couches we have downstairs - but I admit will be a comfy place for all the midnight feedings.  I love the light hanging in the corner that gives just enough light off without it being too bright.  Also the etsy pictures framed and hung above the piano, with the wreath (that still has no place) and one of the two mustard M's being sported in the room (one made my me and one by my sister). 
A better view of a couple areas...
And here is a picture taken during the day.  Notice how it's not really bright outside, but that's about the best we get these days. 
I cannot wait to have our little one to put the room to use!  I'm officially in the the waiting game phase now.

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