Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nursery Tree

I have been wanting to put a white tree on the wall in the nursery since the beginning.  And I finally did it, well a branch anyways.  For $1.  Literally.
These popular beautiful wall features in decal form run $60+.  A splurge I was just having a hard time swallowing (I am on a budget for this nursery).  I like to think I'm on my way to becoming a "crafty" person, but free hand drawing is not my strong suit and I couldn't convince my sister, Kelsey, to make a trip all the way to Alaska just to paint a tree on my wall.  I can't understand why.

Thus I improvised.

I just needed a way to somehow get a trace on the wall that I could paint.  Matt was all about buying a projector, but I vetoed that rather quickly.  I mean what in the world would we do with it on a normal day?  Anyways, I realized that my work has a projector they use for meetings.  I kindly asked to borrow it over the weekend...of which I was laughed at and asked "are you serious?", I then had to explain my excellent reason why.  But they were generous and let me take it for a couple days, thankfully.

I then found a branch picture online that I liked and projected it on the wall just as I envisioned it.  It actually worked out better than a decal, I think, because I was able to size it and place it exactly how I wanted it on the wall.
And no, I'm not doing this at 10pm at night. I'm pretty sure it was about 4pm.  It's just that depressingly dark here at that time.  Just about 2 more weeks til the days slowly start becoming longer again.  It's like a Christmas present in and of itself. 

It took me about 20 minutes to trace it with a pencil, one small bottle of acrylic paint from the craft store (where my $1 was spent), and a few hours of my life to carefully paint and erase erroneous pencil markings.

It left me with this above the crib.
I cannot wait for the curtains my mom is making to come to complete the nursery.  Now I'm just working on getting all the necessities washed and ready - and organize where all this baby stuff is going to go.  Goodness, who knew such a little person required so many things?

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Heidi said...

I would have never known that it wasn't the expensive sticker. You did a great job!