Thursday, December 29, 2011

39 weeks

So, I'm still pregnant.  Our hopes of meeting Madelyn before year end are slowly coming to an end.  Just a few short days left of 2011.  One week until the official due date.  And I guess good news is no more than three weeks of being pregnant left.  These last days go by dreadfully slow.  I'm beginning to understand.  All I can think about is our baby girl, labor and being able to bend over again! The hardest part is that there is nothing I can actually do about it or have a clue when it will all happen.

Thursday before Christmas was my last day of work before maternity leave.  Thankfully Matt has had off this week so at least I've had great company during these long days.  They have been filled with Christmas celebrations, trips to the gym (walking outside is not happening due to the multiple inches of ice on the ground and, you know, these freezing temps), running errands, cleaning house, putting Christmas up, reading, puzzling...and waiting.  Lots of waiting.

Here I am at a full 39 weeks!

Right now...

  • I'm sleeping a bit better most nights and getting as much as I can of it.
  • Still swollen.  I look forward to wearing my wedding rings again.
  • Have sporadic contractions.  I don't really keep track of them, though Matt asks about them all the time.  I figure when I'm in actual labor I'll know (so I hear) :).  
  • I honestly still get nervous about how Maddie is doing.  This feeling has been from the beginning - the out of control feeling of not knowing her well-being and having minor freak outs.  I'm pretty sure I have the label of "nervous first time mom" across my forehead each time I walk into the doctors office. 
  • As ready as I am to not be pregnant anymore, I'm more ready (or as ready as I can be!) to finally hold our little girl.  Matt and I give her little pep talks trying to coerce her to come join us. One day it's bound to work:).

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