Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Virtual Shower

Last weekend we were blessed with a virtual baby shower hosted by Matt's mom in Oklahoma.  Crazy what technology allows us to do.  We had his sister in Phoenix, 2 other ladies in Ohio and Iowa along with all the others in Oklahoma join us in our living room in Anchorage.

It was my first experience with a virtual shower.  The invitations were beautiful (hand made by Matt's Aunt, sorry I don't have a picture) and had instructions on to ship the gifts directly to us in Anchorage.  I am still amazed at how kind and generous people are!  We are so very blessed!  We have had to purchase very little in preparation for Madelyn - I haven't bought a single outfit (ok, maybe I broke and bought the cutest little dress a couple weeks ago that I cannot wait to dress her in!) - and I think we'll have enough clothes, books, toys, etc for her entire first year of life. 
Here are just some of the generous gifts we received all boxed up. 
Then Matt got it all set up so that we could webcam with all the guests while we opened gifts and chatted.  With instructions from his mom, Matt picked up some cupcakes and fruit, since that's what they were having.  We were even able to show off the nursery - that doesn't happen at every shower. :)
Makes living so far away feel a little closer to home.

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