Thursday, June 17, 2010

brute strength and my poor arm

I'm not really sure how I'm going to pass my time the next two weeks while we await our new home. My plan initially during this waiting period was to be painting and preparing the new place for our furniture...but alas, instead I am sitting here trying to think what to do next. Good news is that we have checked into a very lovely, clean hotel that is within walking distance of Matt's work downtown. It's like 1000% better. Thank you sweet hubby for taking care of me.

As I sit here I hear all the tourists outside my door and I think - they have paid A LOT of money to come vacation here! And technically we are getting paid to live I've got it pretty good. I should probably take advantage of it. But it's not as much fun exploring by myself with a dog that is way too strong pulling me every which way. Like this afternoon...

Today turned into a beautiful, warm (I actually had to take my jacket off I got so hot! shocking, I know), sunny day. Couldn't be prettier outside. So obviously I decided to take advantage of it and stroll down the Coastal Trail...
...yep, that's really what it looks like. pretty awesome, huh?...even with Mocha dragging me along. I guess I started near the end of the 11-mile trail because before I knew it it shot me out just on the touristy side of downtown. Cool area. Amazing, bright flowers. Lots of people. Loud, small planes overhead. Screaming seagulls (they literally sound like screaming little girls). Fast cars. VERY freaked out and VERY strong puppy dog. I'm not sure when she got so strong...or when I got so weak...but I could not hold on to that dog! I was literally getting my arm pulled off while trying to not fall over. It was especially exciting when we passed another large dog (which I'll add was not on a leash with like a million people around) and Mocha completely flips out. Literally. I guess it just added to the mayhem. I do everything I can not to let go of the leash...and the other dog just sits and stays as requested. Huh. That's not embarrassing. Needless to say -it was a fun, fast walk back. And my arm kinda hurts.

Thankfully I did survive...but I think my next exploration with Mocha will also involve Matt.

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