Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a new hobby

Biking is very popular up here. The city is set up with these trails running through and around it which makes it convenient for runners and bikers (and apparently cross country skiers during the winter). So over the weekend Matt and I decided we wanted to try it out...and discovered it would not be much more to purchase some cheap, used bikes on craigslist than it would be to fall into the tourist trap and rent them for 3 hours. So we did some research, drove around town, and picked up a couple used - just needing a little air in the tires - bikes to give the hobby a try. We hated to invest in nice bikes (geez, there are expensive!) just in case we weren't big fans.

However, it turned out to be great!

We headed out after Matt got of work and hit the trail I'd been running on during the day that follows along the bay. This time we got a little bit further in our exploration. There were so many people out, which made me feel safe to be out and about (last week there was a man attacked by a bear out riding his bike. yikes!). I have gone from being scared of violence to being scared of wildlife...

But it was a beautiful, sunny day. It actually got up to 68 degrees! :)

Here I am with downtown behind me. I'm kinda surprised we got a shot without anybody else on the trail. And yes, I'm not wearing my jacket. I think I'm adjusting...
And Matt with his new bike (really, it was new - the previous owner bought it, never rode it, and now was moving and having to get rid of it. Worked well for us!).

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Reese said...

Ahhh!! You guys are biking in Anchorage! Way to go... there's so many options and it's beautiful where ever you go. Once the mosquitoes come out, then you'll learn quickly to talk only when necessary, unless you forgot to pack a lunch... assuming you like the taste of parasite.

I need to call you guys ASAP!