Thursday, June 3, 2010

the process

The movers are here again today. Since we have to be home while they are here (for good reason) and everything I own is in a box or a suitcase, I have nothing better to do than update you via my blog. :)

This whole experience has been new to me - you know, the moving to Alaska part. Being the slightly OCD person that I am and with everything is in disarray by having no idea what each packed box kinda stresses me out. Plus, I have to think through what do I need for the next week in Houston and the future 5 weeks in Alaska? What can I smash into my suitcase? I kept my coffee maker...but forgot to keep any mugs. A plastic cup with hot coffee isn't the best compliment to each other.

Anyways, Matt and I just finished up the inventory (spoken of previously here) last night (thankfully we convinced the movers to pack the rooms we had done first). It is kinda depressing to realize how much stuff you own and the value of it. So much for my simplistic lifestyle...

Then the movers turned my precious living room into this (notice how we also convinced the movers to also leave the TV until last:) Thank you for letting me catch up on my season finales we have missed the last couple weeks).
Then the boxes get moved to crates...
...which then get transported to the West coast in a rather large moving truck like this...
...which then get transferred to a ship such as this which will arrive in the port of Anchorage hopefully sooner than later.
Meanwhile I hope I can fit my coffee maker into my suitcase next week.

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