Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We made it!

After about 15 hours of traveling - including a drive from DFW to Houston, dropping of my beloved car for it's shipping departure, and a flight from Houston to Anchorage with a 70 pound dog and 7 suitcases in tow - we finally arrived late last night.

For those of you wondering (which I know most of you are on the edge of your seat about this), Mocha made it safely! I choked back the tears as we left her at the cargo shipment area with the help of my husband - and I'm choosing to believe that she was chilling in her cage as pictured below for the entire flight (even though she won't go near the kennel at all right now)...
She doesn't seem too traumatized at this point...I might be more than her. But thankfully I think I walked away ulcer free from this experience. :)

On another note, at one point on the 7.5 hour flight we passed over some mountains (I think in Canada somewhere). They were magnificent. I tried to capture it...but the picture does not do it justice. If you can tell, those are giant mountain tops coming up over the cloud line. It reminded me how big and beautiful God is. I think I starred at them until my eyes couldn't take the bright sun anymore.
So, here I am. Matt is at his first day of work. I'm sitting in our smoky, don't-walk-around-barefoot, only-hotel-that-would-take-our-dog room. Due to a few uncontrollable issues, we are not able to close on our house when we thought we would. This means we are hotel-ing it for a week until this gracious family is letting us house sit for them while they return to the south. Then we pray we will be able to move in to our new home...maybe just in time for our household goods to arrive!

And as I took Mocha for a walk this morning fully bundled up and on constant watch for charging moose, I realized that this is good. This move and change and lack of comfort is going to challenge me. I'm going to be able to see God in a deeper way. I'm excited for that.

I have just got to figure out how to prevent my nose and ears from freezing on a morning walk in mid-June.


Amy Leigh said...

Glad you made it safely! Seriously though, does your little weather gauge read tomorrow's low is 0?? In June?? Woah...

Laura Moore said...

Not sure about the 0...I'll let you know about that one, but I won't be surprised. It's freezing up here! :)

Christine and Matt said...

hey laura! can't believe you're already there, that seems so fast! what a fun adventure for you guys - looking forward to hearing all about it on your blog. :)