Friday, June 4, 2010


Did I mention that God sold our house in less than 10 days on the market? We put it on the market within a few days of finding out we were moving and it was sold within about a week! The reason I say God sold it is because of the cool story behind it, the fact that there are several houses on our very block that have been on the market for several months, and that we didn't really have a lot of time to be working with. We even came out on top during this terrible housing situation in the economy today. Nothing short of a miracle.

So let me tell you the little story...

About a month before we found out we were even moving, the neighbors next door put their home on the market. One afternoon an older lady came over and rang the door bell to ask me about the area and the neighborhood because she really liked the house and said they'd probably be putting in an offer on it. I told her how much I love the neighborhood (I really do - very family friendly) and have really enjoyed living here. Plus I was pretty excited about an older retired couple living next door...she had already invited us over for dinner once she moved in! But much to my dismay, another couple had already put in an offer and ended up purchasing the house and moving in (they also ended up being very friendly).

So here we are about a month later - after a whirlwind of events - and we get a call saying that we have a buyer. Guess who it is? That sweet older couple! I guess I convinced her enough that the cul-de-sac we live on is the best place to be and worth waiting for! Though I'll try to not take the credit on that one...

I just think it's really cool how God works. It's again another way He has been paving the path for this adventure. He has blessed us beyond measure.

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