Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm currently sitting in Coffee Station...or so called MugWalls now. I'm here to see a couple dear old college friends, Faith and Rebecca, before I leave. And also to visit my beloved alma mater to get some paperwork needed to attempt to get teaching certified up in AK (I'm learning how ridiculous of a process it is).

But oh how so much has changed in the last several years in this great city of College Station. Though it looks completely different now, this building still brings back so many memories. I love this coffee shop. I loved that I would run into everyone I knew back in the day if I came in here to "study". Makes me excited because I'm pretty sure that Anchorage offers so many quaint places such as this.

Anyways, goodbyes have started. They are sad...I'm not one who likes goodbyes much. But there is no denying it this time around.

Saturday Matt and I headed down to Galveston to spend the day with my sister, Caitin and her husband, Karl.
We got to see their really trendy, new loft on the Strand (the happening place to be) - which is so fun since they can both walk to work/med school and they live next door to a great coffee shop.

Then we went to this sandcastle making contest they have each year. Technically they weren't sandcastles as I had thought they'd, but there were some pretty cool structures such as...
...and lots of others. Thank goodness for the ocean breeze, because it was hot! (have I mentioned I'm ready for the cool Anchorage climate? At least right now...I might have different sentiments in about 6 months...)

And lucky me - I get to go back this weekend for the Heine girls annual trip - which Caitlin is hosting this year in Galveston. Maybe next year I can convince them to come to Alaska. :)

We also had dinner this week at our friends, Matt & Amber Donelson. Matt and I met them in the singles ministry and have both migrated to the young married over the last couple years. I was also blessed to be apart of their wedding as pictured here:
They made us a home-cooked meal (which we haven't had in weeks and was delicious!) and played some games that I decided we needed to get - bananagrams, anyone? I'm also going to brag on her because she made us this amazing plate!
It's of our wedding colors and looks just like our wedding cake! I love it and am still way impressed! Matt made me hold it with two hands all the way home to make sure I wouldn't break it. :) It will definitely be used on our first anniversary in about 10 days! I can't believe that's already here....

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